Its a Mad world

Well now they have destroyed the machines that make the Chemical weapons in SYria With a day to spare and everyone is over the hill With happiness while four million People are displaced, almost two million are refugees and multiple thousands are barricaded in Damascus suburbs on the verge of starvation. This is the way the international comunity deal With the greatest refugee problem since WWII. The human virus is in the best of Health.

Howard Gamble

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The Tail Wagging the Dog

In a rare case of the tail for once wagging the dog, Obama has stepped back and is referring a strike on Syria to the house of congress. This is after the shock result from the British vote in parliament where the bill for the use of force in Syria was rejected by a narrow margin.
The syrians are having a field day of it all, stating that the Americans have backed off and that any strike against them would be a strike for Al Quaida. They certainly appear to have the bull by the balls.
It also appears that for once the Americans do have evidence of the use of weapons of mass destruction, in this case sarin, but lack the political will to carry through an engagement in yet another part of the world after the debacle in Iraq and the lost war in Afghanistan. It may all well end up with half hearted missile strikes and limited air engagement but currenlty it appears as though strikes are off.
The strongest card in the hands of Assad and his cronies is the fact that the opposition has been usurped by radical elelents and it is precisely as Assad states. A strike against Syria is a strike for Al Quaida. Or as an Israeli farmer on the border with Syria once stated – the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

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To be or not to be

The thing that troubles me about the chemical attacks in Syria, whether they happened or not, is the timing. As lomg as the rebels were holding their own or even gaining ground, the issue did not gather much momentum, but now that Assad is gaining the upper hand in the two year conflict, Britain is recalling parliament and American forces are ready to strike, all that is needed is Obama’s go ahead.

And then we have the Syrian response: The Foreign Minister has stated that no state on earth uses chemical weapons against its own people. He has obviously not really read his history. Iraq and Chemical Ali spring to mind. He thinks its just dandy that one uses airstrikes, tanks, artillery, machine guns and what not against one’s own people leaving over 100.000 dead and millions more displaced and in refugee camps.

So perhaps it would be a good thing, the strikes that is.But then again perhaps not.
Perhaps the strikes will lead to consequences of severe proportion with Russia, Iran and Hizbollah getting seriously involved, but then perhaps not.We shall see.

©Howard Gamble

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Zimbabwe down the road

Corruption in African politics is endemic. After Mugabe rigged yet another election the African leaders have all called for an end to the boicott, having comfortably forgotten the causes.


Mugabe has murdered his way to Power and continues in his racist way to empower  blacks despite the ruin which his policies have led to. At the age of 89 one can only hope that the years will Catch up With him sooner rather than later. Zimbabwer will have to have a along way back to normalization after decades of despotic rule. In the meantime Africa will be Africa, where despåots and tyrants  can count on the support of each other.

Howard Gamble

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Barack Obama has Condemned the killing of well over 500 civilians in Egypt after the security forces cleared the pro Morsi camps. He has also cancelled joint military exercises that were planned.

I somehow fail to recall him ever apologizing for the tens of thousands of civilians killed by American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those that continue to be killed in drone strikes.

Selective remorse is a strange thing that effects many major political figures.

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Suarez the Problem Child

Luis Suarez is a deeply tarnished personality capable of prevarication both on the pitch and off. His latest distortions of reality, claiming to have been promised out if LIverpool did not secure a champions league spot have left his position highly insecure with the fans and his fellow team-mates. The owners have made it clear that he will not be sold and once that begins to dawn in his somewhat childlike mind it may, along with the knowledge that their is a world cup coming up at the end of this season, produce a change of atttitude for the better.The trainer too has not only told him to train alone but to apologize to the fans and fellow team-mates. If this all produces a contrite and humbler version of the man remains to be seen. He is quite capable of going into his bunker and sulking, as Tevez did with Man City, but it is limited how long that will last. Fortunately his suspension of six matches gives both him and the management time to resolve matters, one way or the other. The Central issue is whether Suarez, With his long list of bad behaviour, is capable of serious change.

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The Problem with Arab Seasons

Well the Morsi supporters are now fighting the army and Egyptian society is entirely polarized as it is in Syria where the oppostion itself is now devided With shades of the same in Libya. Implosion I think the Word is.

So that Arab Spring was a load of balderdash. I wonder who was the first to coin the term. The only thing that really defines the Arabs is their unfailing ability to wage war not only on others but on each other. Barely a day goes by without a suicide bombing in Baghdad, ditto Kabul given half the chance which is surely to come when the coaltion forces, aka the USA pull out their forces.

And what are we left With? An Iran that promises the second holocaust and other oil states with their entrenched monarchical systems longing to see the end of the Iranian dictatorship of the priesthood.

©Howard Gamble

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Sir Andy Murray?

Well, just as we are trying to get over calling the Tour de France winner Sir Bradley we will soon have to get over an even greater obstacle With having to Call the current winbledon winner Sir Andy. Somewhat embarrasing along With Sir Fergusen and all the other semi-literate sport achievers. Long gone are days when the Sirs were largely restricted to an upper class.

And then we have the Developments in Egypt, which can be seen as a class as well as a religious struggle. The Morsi gang are the under achievers whereas the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood are from the other side of the Block. In Syria they continue to engage in their bloodbath, while in Africa the Mandela Family are involved in a bizarre cemetary feud while the Iconic leader lies critically ill in hospital. All goes to show that watching the sports events is possibly just a touch more entertaining.

Howard Gamble, 08.07.13


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Kjell E’s Cool Images – nr 58

Spiders and their surprising instincts….

Here’s one for all of you with arachnophobia.

In Sindh Province, Pakistan, the flooding of 2010 reached unprecedented heights.
Pointing to the height of the flood waters….

Height of the flood waters


And this was one surprising result….

Spiders took to the skies, for survival.

Trees and their spider empires


It was reported that if one walked under one of these trees, tens if not hundreds of baby spiders would drop onto your shirt.

Spider empire, safe from the flooding


The same phenomenon in 2012, in Wagga Wagga, Australia –


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Negotiating with Terrorists

Does anyone besides me recall the USA taking the stance of “We do not negotiate With terrorists”? Well after ten years of warfare where they did not menage to beat the terrorists the USA is now to start negotiating With them. So we are to understand from here in that the Taliban are no longer a terrorist organisation. I Wonder if this reclassification applies only to Afghan or to Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Mali and the many other nations where the Taliban are active?


Howard Gamble, 19.06.2013

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