The Tail Wagging the Dog

In a rare case of the tail for once wagging the dog, Obama has stepped back and is referring a strike on Syria to the house of congress. This is after the shock result from the British vote in parliament where the bill for the use of force in Syria was rejected by a narrow margin.
The syrians are having a field day of it all, stating that the Americans have backed off and that any strike against them would be a strike for Al Quaida. They certainly appear to have the bull by the balls.
It also appears that for once the Americans do have evidence of the use of weapons of mass destruction, in this case sarin, but lack the political will to carry through an engagement in yet another part of the world after the debacle in Iraq and the lost war in Afghanistan. It may all well end up with half hearted missile strikes and limited air engagement but currenlty it appears as though strikes are off.
The strongest card in the hands of Assad and his cronies is the fact that the opposition has been usurped by radical elelents and it is precisely as Assad states. A strike against Syria is a strike for Al Quaida. Or as an Israeli farmer on the border with Syria once stated – the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

©Howard Gamble

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