To be or not to be

The thing that troubles me about the chemical attacks in Syria, whether they happened or not, is the timing. As lomg as the rebels were holding their own or even gaining ground, the issue did not gather much momentum, but now that Assad is gaining the upper hand in the two year conflict, Britain is recalling parliament and American forces are ready to strike, all that is needed is Obama’s go ahead.

And then we have the Syrian response: The Foreign Minister has stated that no state on earth uses chemical weapons against its own people. He has obviously not really read his history. Iraq and Chemical Ali spring to mind. He thinks its just dandy that one uses airstrikes, tanks, artillery, machine guns and what not against one’s own people leaving over 100.000 dead and millions more displaced and in refugee camps.

So perhaps it would be a good thing, the strikes that is.But then again perhaps not.
Perhaps the strikes will lead to consequences of severe proportion with Russia, Iran and Hizbollah getting seriously involved, but then perhaps not.We shall see.

©Howard Gamble

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