Suarez the Problem Child

Luis Suarez is a deeply tarnished personality capable of prevarication both on the pitch and off. His latest distortions of reality, claiming to have been promised out if LIverpool did not secure a champions league spot have left his position highly insecure with the fans and his fellow team-mates. The owners have made it clear that he will not be sold and once that begins to dawn in his somewhat childlike mind it may, along with the knowledge that their is a world cup coming up at the end of this season, produce a change of atttitude for the better.The trainer too has not only told him to train alone but to apologize to the fans and fellow team-mates. If this all produces a contrite and humbler version of the man remains to be seen. He is quite capable of going into his bunker and sulking, as Tevez did with Man City, but it is limited how long that will last. Fortunately his suspension of six matches gives both him and the management time to resolve matters, one way or the other. The Central issue is whether Suarez, With his long list of bad behaviour, is capable of serious change.

©Howard Gamble

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