The Problem with Arab Seasons

Well the Morsi supporters are now fighting the army and Egyptian society is entirely polarized as it is in Syria where the oppostion itself is now devided With shades of the same in Libya. Implosion I think the Word is.

So that Arab Spring was a load of balderdash. I wonder who was the first to coin the term. The only thing that really defines the Arabs is their unfailing ability to wage war not only on others but on each other. Barely a day goes by without a suicide bombing in Baghdad, ditto Kabul given half the chance which is surely to come when the coaltion forces, aka the USA pull out their forces.

And what are we left With? An Iran that promises the second holocaust and other oil states with their entrenched monarchical systems longing to see the end of the Iranian dictatorship of the priesthood.

©Howard Gamble

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