Sir Andy Murray?

Well, just as we are trying to get over calling the Tour de France winner Sir Bradley we will soon have to get over an even greater obstacle With having to Call the current winbledon winner Sir Andy. Somewhat embarrasing along With Sir Fergusen and all the other semi-literate sport achievers. Long gone are days when the Sirs were largely restricted to an upper class.

And then we have the Developments in Egypt, which can be seen as a class as well as a religious struggle. The Morsi gang are the under achievers whereas the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood are from the other side of the Block. In Syria they continue to engage in their bloodbath, while in Africa the Mandela Family are involved in a bizarre cemetary feud while the Iconic leader lies critically ill in hospital. All goes to show that watching the sports events is possibly just a touch more entertaining.

Howard Gamble, 08.07.13


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