The London Attacks and David Cameron

So two whackos, both converts to Muslim, (surprise surprise) attack an unarmed soldier on the streets of London with meat cleavers and knives and kill him. Whereupon David Cameron, in a fit of uprightious offended dignity declares an emergency meeting of security services and proclaims to the world that Britain is the victim of a terrorist attack. How incredibly stupid does the entire situation become when a spoilt upper class brat, responsible for the deplorable situation in Libya, along with opposition to and a huge cover up concerning the Mau Mau rebellion, takes a deplorable isolated incident, now common in the West after the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan and blows it out of all proportion. Of course the act of those two alienated immigrants is deplorable, but shifting the focus from a form of paralysis concerning the home front and turning the terrible incident into an international event is just about as bad as it gets. One could see Cameron’s stiff upper lip quivering as it did during the Tottenham riots. His self-rightious indignation belongs to a privileged and secluded upbringing within a system that should have been dismantled along with the fall of the British Empire decades ago. The British people are getting just what they deserve, voting into office a twat like him. But then again their choices were and are severely limited as the corrupt English political elite does not really provide any viable alternative, no matter which way that silly electorate vote.

©Howard Gamble

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