Slave Labour in Modern Times


The Slave trade has not stopped at all. Previously, slaves were rounded up, shipped abroad, killed or sold at markets. The subject is taught in schools to the horror of all. In our enlightened age that chapter is now closed, at least in the civilized West most people think.

Think again pray. In the wake of the disastrous buildoing collapse in Bangladesh, killing over a thousand workers, it has emerged that all those stores where we buy our clothing and other products, in Bangladesh and elsehwere in the Third World, are attempting to address the problem with yet another smokescreen operation. Fire training for the workers. The dangerous conditions in the slave labour camps wherey work is quietly ignored. Walmart, the largest retailer in the World will not participate in the new fire regulation scheme, surprise surprise, but will conduct its own program in its 279 factories.

Two hundred and seventy nine factories, where the staff live in terror of their supervisors, are underpaid, live in cramped and squalid quarters and work impossibly long hours in buoldings tat are traps. All to provide us Westerners and citizens of the USA with cheap clothing and other products.

One may even argue that the proportion between slaves in the Third world and China with the Western populations they supply is larger that it ever was a mere few centuries ago.So next time you wear your Nike shoes and other design products, take a short pause to reflect on why they are so affordable.

©Howard Gamble

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