Mothers Day Parades, Drones and Related Nonsense

Yet another shooting in the USA. This time Three men fire at random into a parade targeting Mothers Day. And David Cameron of Libya Liberation fame is in the States to discuss mainly Syria With Obama, while Harry is doing his thing. Perhaps Cameron did learn a lesson from his unqualified support for the gangs that got rid of Ghaddafi? Now Libya is impossible to rule with heavily armed Militias, armed by Cameron and Sarkozy, are doing pretty well as they please, refusing to be disarmed. A case of the devil you know being better than the devil you don’t know perhaps? as in Syria. Arming the rebels and lending them support has been rendered almost impossible now that the uprising has been partially hijacked by militants claiming allegiance to Al Quaida. So the civil war continues. Tension in Israel rises as an increasingly beleagered Syria and Iran may well resort to deperate measures. The Israelis have moved their Armed Dome system to the North as Syria attempts to give Hezbollah advanced missiles, while Iran is supplying the Assad regime.

And then we are treated to Pictures of Cameron and Obama eating hotdogs. Very folksy what?


I think this all goes to show that while the masses are kept preoccupied with games and nonsense, the Fergusen Retirement being a case in point,¬†the political leadersip og about their business in an uninformed, haphazard way. Nothing has contributed more to the current hate for the United States in Yemen and Pakistan than the indiscriminate use of Drone strikes authorized by the Obama regime. While the country is obsessed with “protecting the country from imminent threats” in far away Places (ho hum, the Vietnam war all over again) they cannot even manage to impose gun Control laws at home. When they invaded Iraq they did not even know the differnce between Suunis and Shiities, so its not surprising at all. But these are old songs. Pity that it is necessary to continually harp on them.

And then of course we have the farce unfolding itself in Pakistan. Sharif, deposed by Musharraf, jailed and exiled by Musharraf to the ecstatic exclaim of the nation, has now re-elected Musharraf, with Musharraf under house arrest. The illerate majority of serfs have dutifully voted for the masters who feed them, especially in the Punjab, Sharif’s home state comrpising 60% of the population, while the unkowing world praises the force of so-called democracy in the country. Pakistan is controlled by the 2% of the population who own everything. The political elite simply transfer Power to each other in a corrupt carousel where the ruling families have a finger in every pie.

And so on and so forth. Have a Nice day.

©Howard Gamble

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