Grand Mufti’s of Jerusalem

The current Grand Mufti of Jerusalem has been recent without charges¬†from Israeli arrest after six hours of question following disturbances and unrest. The Jordanian Parliament issued a non-binding resolution to expel the Jewish Ambassador. O dear o dear. Fun and games. But if one bothers to take a peek at those who have previously occupied the post of Grand Mufti, one begins to Wonder, especially at the Grand Mufti who co-operated With Hitler and wanted him to open extermination camps in the Middle East during the war. I very much do8ubt that the currrent lot deviate from that viewpoint. Virulent and unabashed anti-semites they are seeking always the destruction of the Jews. No matter which viewpoint one adheres to concerning the Modern State of Israel, lending support to organizations that are intent on a New holocaust is strange to say the least. At the least the USA has now declared it’s unqualified support of the country. In addition, Bibi is in Moscow for chats With the Russians. Despite their macho support of Syria, the Russian argument concerning what may come after Assad is valid. Does one wish for a Syria in the hands of radical militants? Is Assad the best of all alternatives? Was the destruction of Saddam Hussein wise in the light of Irans ascendency?

Perhaps the Western Powers have learnt that attempting to introduce Democracy in the Middle East is a total Waste of time. Democracy, despite the fact that it does not really exist, is the result of a long process of Learning. The radical elements that dominate the Muslim world (take a galnce at the violence attending the Pakistani elections) is something that one can at best simply contain and not reform. Russia and Israel understand this. Perhaps the West shall too if they learn the hard lesson of interfering in the Muslim worlds internal conflicts.

©Howard Gamble

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