Identity Issues

OK. So three pubescent girls are kidnapped in Cleveland and held in a house for ten years without any of the neighbours noticing anything? How on earth is that possible? Any terrorist attacks, most recently the Boston Marathon Bombings, are cleared up within hours, due to a massive surveillance program. Reminds me of NASA putting men on the moon to the cost of hundreds of billions dollars, wars being waged to the same tune while miilions of beggars are on the streets. America seems to be so obsessed with protecting itself from assumed threats, both in the country and without, that it completely neglects it’s own. Obama’s attempts to create a welfare system that can match the Europeans has been decimated by opponents, as has his effort to control the sale and use of weapons. It is estimated that there are enough weapons in private usage that equals the population of the country, and the highest death rate for new born children the States is higher than anywhere else in the First World. No job leads to no home, no insurance and and a life of misery, while hundreds of billions are spent on waging war. I once met a homeless Maine Corp veteran that despite his destitute condition continued to bless America and considered it the finest country on earth. The winners of the baseball season are called the world champions despite the fact that hundreds of other countires play the sport. Rodeos end with declarations of America being the finest place on earth. Games begin with the anthem. Even that class of Americans who travel a great deal and are familiar with the outer world are smitten by the same disease.

But that is possibly what makes America so great? The European democracies with their social security systems are not all that much better when one gets down to it. London has a vast and continually increasing number of homeless people, and the welfare benefits in the UK are laughable. Fortunately they now refer to the country as the United Kingdom and not, as Maggie did, Great Britain. They have wisely removed the great bit now. The economies of Greece and Spain are in ruins, with the number of jobless nearing thirty procent. Norway is flooded with Rumanian beggars. The European Union is a chaotic entity, expanding and opening the borders to an increasingly anarchic situation, where the inhabitants of the various countires in the West now have to refer to their own citizens as ethnic this and ethnic that. America has at least preserved its identity despite the fact the the illegal number of migrant workers is astronomical.

Where does one end and where does one start?

©Howard Gamble

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