Syria, Israel and Strange Ideas

After the latest Israeli air strike in Syria, the beleaguered Syrian government is accusing Israel of working together With Al-Quaida miltants, while the militants are embarressed at the thought. Egypt and the Arab League have Condemned the strikes along with the Syrian¬†Dictators’ use of force against it’s own People. Israel states that it is attacking missiles being sent to Hetzbollah is Lebanon. No one seems to be taking into consideration the fact that Israel is right and everyone else wrong along with the fact that destabiling the situation further is only to Israels advantage. The Jewish State working together with Al-Qaida is another comic statement coming from Assad and his henchmen and the Arab Leagues response is a quite normal anti-Israeli outburst. Both groups would dearly love to see a repeat of the Holocaust.

After the Air Strike


The most likely partner with Israel in the affair is the USA, trying to find a way to influence the outcome of the civil war without supporting the uprising which has now been usurped by the Muslim fundamentalists.

©Howard Gamble

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