Cheetas and whatnot

Scratched President and Head Goon

The president of Botswana I think it was has been scratched by a Cheetah. That made the headlines, along With the fact that all the slave labourers in Dhaka (?) have gone back to work. A US Citizen has been arrested in North Korea. No new wars to be focused on lately only the old one’s still continuing but all that can hopefully change in the blink of an eye, to catch the attention of the human virus.


Well, in the absence of serious conflict one can focus on the fact that three British service men have been killed in Afghan and six French soldiers have thus far been killed in Mali. Six, I repeat, six. The thousands upon thousands of insurgents that have been done away with recently has not been reported. The parts of one of the airliners that attacked the World Trade Centre ten years ago was found. What else? A rapper has died and the honorary president of FIFA has resigned after it was revealed that he had, surprise surprise, taken bribes when he was running the show. Horses have been doped and it seems that all athletes too are implicated in one way or the other.

The focus shifts continually, one dramatic and banal theme after the other, as always. Enough to make one despair what?

And I forgot to mention that the human race is aging fast and soon it will be  a fact that the elderly will outnumber the young even though census reports from countries with vast numbers of inhabitants is incomplete to say the least. One can only hope that the reports are true along with the speculation that the human species is on the path to extinction after temporary residence in the Galaxy.

What can you do, I ask, what can you do?

©Howard Gamble

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