White Phosphorus, Bad Construction, War Law, Presidents and the Biting of People

White phosphorus is a terrible weapon, especially for the civilians it has been decided so Israel is going to stop being naughty, follow international Law, stop using it and replace it With other explosive Devices that also kill but in a less dramatic way.

Don’t you just love the way the Human Virus has a Body of Law deciding how armies can go about killing each other? Internation military Conventions. Blow them up, shoot them but do it in a manner that is recognized as permissible. Wonderful stuff. Banning the use of force entirely is of course out of the question because if there is one thing the Human Virus loves Beyond everything else, it is WAR.

And lately, when there is no real war to report on now that Mali is subdued, its all about huge buildings falling Down. There the defining factor on Reporting the events is decided by just how many People have been killed. Fewer People, fewer lines and shorter focus. Lots and lots of People, good news for at least three days.

And then we have the Boston Bombers affair. Terrible stuff of course. I found that background information about the FBI files concerning surveillance of the citizenry to be even more frightening than the prospect of being blown up. Police state America that still lives under the illusion that it is a Democracy, while all the living Presidents in the One Party State get together to open George W. Bush’s Library. All hunky dory, back slapping and general self-adulation. What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? Why, nothing at all. The advertising decides who is to be President, not the dumb masses.

What else? O yes, Liverpool striker Suarez has been up to his biting act again. He bit another player. Huge News. A totally banal little incident blown up to proportions where the Prime Minister is commenting on it all. After he used force to get Ghaddaffi killed he is talking about setting an example for the use. Wage war, but do og about biting People.

So just about normal news as always. What can you do?

©Howard Gamble

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