Do not go gently into that dark night, Maggie

Margaret Thatcher was a devisive figure at home and intensely hated by a large proportion of the electorate. Thatcherism has not abated with the thousands on the streets and the dire poverty that is a result of her policies. Her funeral has been scaled down a notch and security is massive, which just goes to show that changing the nation for the good of the better and the detriment of the poor has everlasting effects. She is not being laid to rest in circumstances one would relate to the funeral of a stateswoman. The entire process if fraught with impropriety. She will be surrounded by her Chelsea and Falkland veterans which seem to be the only legacy Рwar, that she possibly highly praised. Her domestic policies leave enormous amounts to be desired. Anyway, I always have a bad feelings when people are laid to rest. What goes round comes and around and let that suffice without the demonstrations of the magnitude.

©Howard Gamble

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