The Toys we Humans Play With

I don’t know what the hell we are substututing for or compensting for or which massive holes in Our upbringings we are accomodating for but here are some of the latest toys we are playing With, many of them With nuke capability:

the new stealth fighter



An Unmannded JUdgement day variaty


About to ride into the sunset

All American, latest of the latest weapons of massive destruction designed to keep the country safe, as who on Earth would dare go up against an armada that includes laser beams (hello Ron) that can shoot Down missiles. Perhaps at some point With all this technological superiority, vast and unmatchable, Americans may just start feeling safe, except for all those assualt weapons being sold on the streets. The danger, my dears, is not abroad, it is at home. The American Obsession With developing super weapons does not stop at government level, it is reflected in the vast sale of weapons to a Public that is barely educated. O yes, and the way of dealing with those nasty assualt weapons that whackos occasionally use to kill children is to restrict the SIZE of the Magazine to 10 bullets. As though a Magazine cannot be changed in a few seconds.

©Howard Gamble

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