Pudgy Wudgy continues his belicose outpourings

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has zilch influence on the maniacs in North Korea but may be able to influence the surrounding states to hedge against little fat boy and his hard line regime of kow-towers. One never knows whether those lunatics will actually try to launch a nuclear missile. It is doubtful, but one will never know what a regime based on starving its people to death while maintaining an elite military force is capable of doing in the long run.
While sea-bourne and land-bourne patriot missile systems are being positioned en-masse and B2 bombers continue their alert level flights around and over the peninsula we can only but sit and wait with bated breath. The outcome of any North Korean Nuclear lauch is terrible to contemplate as it will assure destruction of the reigning elite and result in Horoshima and Nagasaki-like comparisons, only on a larger scale and will throw the region into utter turmoil. Let us but hope that little pudgy-wudgy who has decided to throw his weight around is simply following precedent and is aware enough of the immense power facing him if he tries to engage in funny tricks.

©Howard Gamble

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