I just love telling I told you so

O yes I do. Right at the start of this Syrian thing I considered the opposition to be at least as bad as the dictator as I did in Egypt and Libya. In all Three cases I have been proved right. Assad seems to have been partially right when he said he was fighting bandits as the major opposition Group, heloo, hello, has just sworn Allegiance to Al-Quiada, thus effectively cuttingg of supplies from the West who consider them a, um terrorist organisation. Russia and China are smiling up their sleeves and the west is screwed to the eyeballs. Talk about a fait accompli. Pity about the 70.000 innocents being slaughtered in this game.

It seems as though the Arabs and the Muslims NEED dictatorships. The children of Pakistan in a recent poll actually preferred Military rule to the inept, corrupt civiilan goverments.

From Russia with LOve


©Howard Gamble

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