WE are become accustomed to the harsh penalties imposes by the Suadi’s on their wrongoers but their latest eye-for-eye leaves us some what cold. Sentencing a man who paralysed another to paralysis himself seems to surpass the borders of justice to which a civilized world is accustomed to. It hails back to the Middle Ages besides the beheadings and the stonings which at least afford the relief of death.
It takes the eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth so literarily that it jars the modern psyche. Shoot the bastard, behead him, torch him but do not paralyse him.
WE shall see what world opinion manages to exert of the Saudi Judiciary.

After Saddam and Idi Amin, who were fond of 5 pound hammers to relieve them of their burdens the world has hopefully come to a better place, at least the so-called civilized part of it. The laws of Moses no longer apply to the modern man.

©Howard Gamble

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