Unfortunately No April Fool’s joke

Well the armed militias that NATO supported in Libya are now refusing to disarm,

battling the government so as to keep their command of the streets, surprise

suprise. Better than Ghaddafi? I wonder what Cameron is thinking now. And in Korea

we have a teenager and his generals playing with nuclear weapons and threatening to

strike the USA, South Korea and the rest of the world while B2 bombers are on the

alert. In Mali the fighting continues as it always shall and armed conflicts are

rife on all the continents as the human race continues in its intent to destroy

itself. On the sports front it looks as though the decision to hold the world cup in

Brasil seems to have been a mistake as construction problems and the battle against

the slum lords seem pretty threatening. Otherwise Chelsea have just defeated

Manchester United in the quarter finals of the FA cup and football continues to be

the main occupation of the masses while the Cameron government changes the welfare

system to really make it difficult for the poor.Pretty dispressing as always, so nothing really new to report.And none of the above is an April Fool’s bluff, making it all even more depressing.

©Howard Gamble

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