Papal inaugurations, chemical weapons, car bombs and war criminals all mixed up

Democratic Republic of Congo war crimes suspect Bosco Ntaganda has handed himself over to the US embassy in the Rwandan capital Kigali, the US says.

While the inauguration mass for Pope Francis I Is being held, Bosco Ntaganda mass murder, child recruiter and rapsit has walke din to the American Embassy in Kigali. He wants transferral to the iCC pronto because his iniquities are so numberous that he realises it is only a matter of time before his seveal enemies do him in.

Two massive car bomb blasts hit Baghdad on the same day and the Syrian opposition is reported to be using chemical weapons.

And this, my darlings is just scratching the surface of what the human virus is up to on any given day.

Pope Francis the I certainly has has work cut out for him. Problem being that no one besides his 1.2 billion Catholics will pay any attention, their own organisation riven with corruption, scandal and what have you.

©Howard Gamble

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