A Huge Waste of Life and Money

The US rebuilding effort in Iraq achieved little despite $60bn (£40bn) spent since the 2003 invasion, a US auditor for reconstruction has said.Now why are we not surprised when there was no plan for reconstruction before the invasion. No end game. Nothing. Nix.

In his final report, the inspector general for Iraq reconstruction estimated the US wasted at least $8bn.What he means by wasted is all the money that went straight into the pockets and bank accounts of Iraqi officials. We all recall the containers full of freshly printed US 100 dollar bills that were flown in at the time to facilitate cooperation.

dollars for Iraq

Inspector General Stuart Bowen put the “limited positive effects” down to corruption, poor security and insufficient consultation with Iraqi authorities. What he should have said to make it even clearer is that corruption was endemic, money was handed over by the truckfull without any accounting and that consultation with Iraqi authorities was a total waste of time.

The eight-year war in Iraq cost the US about $800bn and nearly 5,000 lives.Many consider it ALL a waste of lives and money.

©Howard Gamble

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