Warming the Cockles of the Heart

Does it not simply warm the cockles of the heart when a raging Fergusen, who thinks he’s God, locks himself in the dressing room, refuses to attend the press confrence after the loss¬†to real Madrid and sulks like a little child. Much like McIlroy walking off the course, except for the fact that McIlroy is still a child whereas Fergusen is a mature elder who ought to lead by example. Time for him to retire methinks. He is becoming an embarressment.

The Right side of Manchester

So Fergie’s hope of closing in on Liverpools European Glory remains a dream, possibly never to be fulfilled. He will still have to visit Anfield to gaze upon the silverware from European competition.

Perhaps the Queen will hesitate to hand out titles to gum chewing members of the labouring classes who simply do not know how to handle defeat after long periods of success. Mourinho was gracious enough after the game and he is Portuguese!

©Howard Gamble

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