Hugo Chaves is Dead

It is seldom that I get all choked up when reading of the death of a politician because they are truly a rotten breed, but the passing of Hugo Chavez did so. He came to power from the ranks of the military with a vow to distribute the wealth of the nation in favour of the poor, and he kept his word. He is now mourned by the nation. Not only that, but he forged an alliance to oppose American might and influence in South America, openly mocking American leaders. No longer can Americans run schools for right wing dictators on the continent. Simply put perhaps, but you get the gist. He drew the broad lines for South American politics and confronted the Americans who had used they continent as their plyground for decades after the war, installing puppet dictators at will. No longer.

Hugo Chavez as one would like to remember him, tweaking the American nose

©Howard Gamble

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