Syria again according to John Terry

Well I suppose I will have to take up the Syrian conflict again noe that John Kerry is on the scene and ca. 70.000 people have been killed, mostly opposition members and their children and wives. Kerry is promising non-lethal weapons in the face of artillery, strike aircraft, missiles and heavy machine guns. These non-lethal weapons include night vision equipment, hoo-rah. Now if that were the entire story we would want to puke, but of course it is not. While the USA is offering toys to the opposition you can bet that the logistics are making a huge diffirence and here again we come to drones and special forces and recon and what you would like to call it all. AS Sun TZU in the Art of war states as his mantrim, when strong appear weak, when organized appear disorganized. The only problem being that while everyone is being so very subtle scores of innocents are dying.

A Syrian Scene anno 2013

Now from a political-geographical point of view, old Bashir is quite right. He has the prerogative. Israel is his closest neighbour and that is possibly the only reason, besides the Chinee and Russkies, that has caused the West to allow the conflict to draw out as long as it has. Destabilisation being the name of the game. One does of course recall way back then when the West was supplying weaponry to both Iran and Iraq in their decade long war. BUt that was then Libya and Egypt were dealt with in months, Syria drags on into into third year where massive surgical strikes from the West could have ended that conflict long ago.

Realpolitikk was really a thing connected to the Cold War with massive Armadas and mass nuclear equipped armies ranged against each other. Syria is a sparrow in a regional conflict that could have been dealt with fairly easily. I very much doubt that Iran and Hitzbollah would have had much to do had the West struck and both China and Russia are too busy appearing businesslike to get seriously involved in the Middle East. The only real winner in the short run is Israel, but in the long run, IF those Arabs in Egypt and Libya and Yemen and, and, and manage to get their volitile houses into order it will be another matter entirely. Then America will sing a different tune what with having lots of veterans at hand after the fiasko in Afghan and Iraq. Not to mention the battle experience. Never have they had a better training ground for their professional forces. Real live combat conditions witj minimal losses.

Obama's Toy over who knos where?

And to close. How Jolly that Saudi is allowing American Drones to operate over Yemen from their airspace, to the delight of Kuwait.

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