Collateral Damage

According to a UN report the number of civilian casualties in Afghan has fallen for the first time in six years. A mere 2754 civilians were killed while 4085  were injured. The report as far as I know, does not specify how many were killed in drone strikes or were blown up or killed as bystanders in ground battles.

Collateral damage

And it appears, as America starts its withdrawal, that militant activity is on the rise, especially in the North. And the thousands of translators who have worked for the alliance are shit scared for what is going to happen to them once they are on there own. All are demanding that the powers for whom they have worked take them and their families out of Afghan and grant them asylum on home base. Is that going to happen? We shall have to wait and see.

My heart goes out to the Afghan civilians who have been killed and maimed for over a decade and who face a deadly future.

©Howard Gamble


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