Meteorites, dinosaurs and the Human Virus

The Russians have reported a meteorite strike last night that injured 400 and we are told that a rather large one, a real earth killer will pass INSIDE the ring of geosynchronous satellite orbits tonight. A cold chill ran up and down my sp9ine when I read about it. I have a phobia when it comes to meteorites. The one that is heading our way is special its a first as far as we know it. So close you can reach out and touch it in astromical terms.

the asteroid path if we can believe it

The closest ever since last time, whenever that was. Its about as big as a solid swimming pool. BIg enough to introduce a new Ice Age if it decides to veer off course and whack us. Scares the living shit out of me, but then again, I have always been scared of asteroids. Ever since I heard of Dinosaurs. Are there more on the way that we know nothing about heading straight for us? You can bet you last dime on that.

and here it is

©Howard Gamble

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