Blade Runner

Blade runner Oscar Pistorious, the South African who has competed in the Olympic Games wirth two artificial legs and a veritable icon in his own country has been arrested on charges of murder after shooting his wife. He may have thought it was a burglar some sources say, as the shooting took place in the early hours of the morning, but four shots to the head and one to the torso must veer somewhat from that theory.

Oscar Pretorius with his no deceased wife

So its either downright murder first degree,¬†or a case of mistaken identity.A Burglar of which there are more than enough to go around six times. South Africa has the greatest rate of violent break ins in the world and perhaps she had just gone out to catch some fresh air having not slept all that well. On the other hand……………………….

We await developments with bated breath.


©Howard Gamble

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