Little Pudgy Kim is at it again

Little Pudgy Kim Jong un, barely out of high school and loooking as though he rather enjoys wading through lavish state banquets while 60 % of his people are on starvation rations is at it again, playing with North Koreas favourite toy. His scientists conducted a nuclear test with a smaller device but greater yield, the intention being to devize one that can be put on top of a rocket and then who knows what will happen. The North Korean leadership is not exactly known for reticence. The UN will of course impose further sanctions, which will have no effect beyond increasing the percentage of those already on starvation diet.

Pudgy Wudgy looking forward to his next 10 course meal

O yes, and bye the way, while we are on the subject of nuclear weapons, Obama wants to cut the US nuclear arsenal. Instead of being able to destroy the world 100 times over he thinks that having sufficient weaponry to destroy it a mere 50  times over is sufficient.

Howard Gamble

12th Febraury 2013

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