Glory Glory Hallelujah

Well Obama is reshaping his cabinet very pleased with himself, so pleased in fact that he is disguising the lost wars in far off lands by reducing the military to a “leaner” force, that is drones and special forces and what not, concentrating on confronting the Chinee. So tens of thousands of soldiers who have fought for a decade are now to be discarded. Nothing new. We remember Vietnam, so a whole new clientele will be begging on the street corners. God Bless America. Have no income, have no home, have no job but man, this is the greatest country on earth.

Otherwise the French are doing a fine job in Mali, zapping the militants and drivin them out of their strongholds, while the African forces promised by the UN dither and dangle. TO be quite honest I think the french would rather do without them. Their Foreign Legion (never mentioned) don’t really need the help.

Otherwise the refugee crisis in Syria is off the scale with the Jordanians bearing the brunt. Intervention to finally deal with Assad is not forthcoming and the civil war has left 60.000 dead and more displaced. So much for strategic considerations.

In Egypt 17 football fans have been sentenced to death. Talk about football passion. In Libya, foreigners are advised to leave, so much for the NATO help in getting rid of Whats-his-name. And the Muslim Botherhood is being givena hard time in Egypt.

Football fans in Egypt

Glory, Glory Hallelujah. What a wonderful world.

©Howard Gamble


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