The Malian Madness I

It seems as though we are in for a centuries-long, protracted war spreading like cancer from failed state to failed state, where the lunatic Islamists establish themselves the minute they are beaten down in another spot. Now we have Mali, where the French and the United Nations have seen the imperative to intervene before that one gets out of hand.

Afghan will son be going back to the dogs, Iraq already has, Libya has split in two as has Egypt, politically at least and Jacob Zuma does not like dogs. Yemen is unstable as is the entire Middle East. It’s as though some madness has descended upon the peoles of those regions driving them to conflict and war based on simplistic, ridiculous idiosyncratic ideologies.

What a world. And England is waiting with bated breath for a Royal Baby. O dear O dear.

Anyway these chaps below, most likely the French Foreign Legion are certainly not to be f568ced with, so If I were a Malian islamic imbicile I would start running.


Howard Gamble


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