Two-Term Obama and bright sunlight as disinfectant

He won the Nobel peace prize for talking. He also spoke about sunlight being the great cleanser and openess being the best policy. This is Obama we are talking about. Remember how he was going to show us all those torture photos and then did not after meeting his Generals. And how he has fallen in love with drones that on a daily basis kill women and children along with the nasties. Now he is appointing one of George W.Bush’s torturers in the CIA as head of the organisation, John Brennen, who ought to be in prison not to mention waterboarded a few times in order to gain a little insight into things and Nebraska senator Hagel as secretary of defence who has long been accused of not liking Jews, which he denies vehemently, although it is well known amongst colleagues. His voting record does not count for shit because that is for the yokels who imagine that democracy exists in America whereas it is actually just advertising.

The Three Goons

He’s one of the many Yid haters, along with most blacks.  You see, Obama does not need to be elected again and can now show a few of those true colours. A torturer for the CIA and an anti-semite for defence. Thank God for John Kerry in State. One decent man amongst the thugs. I’m even starting to appreciate Hilary even though Barack had to take her along because 18 million people voted for her, as opposed to 18 thousand for his VP Biden the train lover.

Anyway, just a short note in the early hours in case you missed it all.

©Howard Gamble




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