Assad, Mursi, Putin, Mossad and the guys

Has anyone questioned WHY Egypt needed a new constitution once the Muslim Brotherhood came into power, giving their president sweeping powers that not even Mubarak the dictator had? We shall see. And then we have Assad holding a speech that places him firmly in cloud cuckoo land. He has so long been part of a ruling dictatorship that reality as it applies to normal people is unknown to him. Anyone who opposes him, and half his nation does, are “thugs inspired by foreign powers”. Exactly which foreign powers is not exactly sure, but America and England and even Germany and Holland must be likely candidates in his mind (They are after all setting up their Patriot anti-missile batteries in Turkey). And then of course Mossad, manipulating things behind the scenes, and those damn Turks again, siding with the West.¬†Even his Arab brothers are under suspician, except Jordan, which is keeping well out of it. The only ones coming clean being Russia and China. O well, he will learn the hard way as do we all.

And who is smiling all the way more concerned with developments in Egypt than elsewhere: Israel of Course!

Howard Gamble

7th January 2013


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