Jacob Zuma and dogs continued.

The dog is South Africa has a dual role. It isa guard and then it is a per, in that order and as there are about 4-5 million of them they make a mighty home guard, because that is what they do. They guard the homes of the elite from the rabble.

So when Zuma speaks of African Culture in which the dog has no place he is talking along military and not cultural lines. Culture my arse. Zuma is as scared as any black by dogs, so am I by the way, expecially the varity and breeds used in South Africa.

Zuma dancing either before or after having sex with an HIV infected lady

What Zuma needs to do is establish a Ministry of dogs to track down and destroy the millions of stray dogs roaming the land, while allocating resources for more of the pet-Guard Variety. Murder in homes needs to be combated and what better way to do it than with an elert brace of killer dogs? Dress them in lion skins and claim that its a cultural drive. Worse schemes have originated in that frutile land. Just ask Winnie and Malema.



©Howard Gamble

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