Anything New Happening Out There?

Now that the Turkey is consumed is anything of miraculous proportion happening out there in this Brave New World? Unfortunately not. Same shit in the old packaging. America on the brink of a recession (yawn), all the hullabaloo about gun control after the slaughter of 20 kids by a slightly bigger one with weapons normally reserved for the military a great big joke. Petitions were even signed to  bann a CNN reporter who pointed out that Constuitution II is a bad joke. Defections in Syria continue, Obama has decided the Rebels are better than the regime, the Russians scoff at the idea, the Chinese have been too preoccupied electing their Great New Leader to bother, Mandela has had some gallstones removed, and the Iranians most likely already have the bomb.

But Stormin Norman Schwartzkopf has passed away. One of the great Generals of the modern age. Kicked Saddams arse and was made honorary member of the French Foreign Legion. He was more proud of that than anything.

Sachin Tendulkar has retired from the 50-50 cricket game, the greatest batsman the world has ever seen.

I always wondered what A Fiscal Cliff was, but now I know, or at least think I do. Anyway, America is apparently balancing on the cliff and if the fall over the cliff, hello recession and where is Mitt Romney. Otherwise Hilary is leaving us, dear thing. She provided us with such amusement while trying to emulate Bill. She was really big on pearls and funny faces, so we will miss her. John Kerry is taking over. Excellent move. He came close to beating George W. for those who remember. Speaks French, his downfall then, but now a definite asset.

Jacob Zuma has been re-elected despite or because of the penis revelations, in  a country where a man is only a man if he rapes someone. Even better if he is a serial rapist.

The young Bhutto has been released on his people by his father, the most corrupt President the world has ever seen in a country where corruption is the norm. Just out of Oxford which will impress many idiots.

And the Taliban continue to win the war in the Stan.

Next year? Don’t expect any changes-

©Howard Gamble


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