Changes in mentality, guns and stuff

The ever-present threat of the cowboy in America with his weapon locked and loaded and that every now and then produces a massacre of innocents is something Obama wants to change.
He wants new gun laws. O la la. New Gun Laws.
The only gun-law in the USA which will make any difference is a complete ban on all hand guns and rigorous control over those who possess other firearms. And this, believe you me, is NEVER going to happen. Whenever Americans feel threatened they buy more arms and the threat can be ever so innocuous.LIke a drop in the stock market.
The cowboy mentality is alive and well and thriving and to change that will require a constitutional amendment that goes to the very core of the American psyche.IT will involve a battle where school massacres are regarded as things that occasionally happen in a free society. Look to NOrway. Strictest gun laws on the planet and yet a whacko blows up the seat of government and slaughters political aspirants by the dozen. Armed to the teeth he was, and legally.

Whereas the right to protect ones home and loved ones with heavy calibre shotguns is a right that no one can remove, least of all a Black President.
So lets just see where this latest initiative leads to. When the shock and the trauma have subsided and the little ones are laid to their eternal rest, along with the thousands murdered by the American armed forces in their war to protect America.
Foreign and domestic policy co-incide here. 20 million  veterans at loose in America, every single one armed.

©Howard Gamble

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