The Scum of the Earth

One has now been battling the Taliban for a decade. They destroy false images as they did the great Buddha statues, they shoot girls on their way to school, they treat women like cattle. Now a new phase in thier distorted mind set has emerged – they kill workers battling polio in Pakistan. To attempt to understand them is impossible. Fighting them has proven to be as impossible. KIll one and two jump up to take their place.
on MY first visit to Lahore in Pakistan I saw a polio victim dragging himself through indescribable filth near the busstop, begging for alms.

To imagine that some form of low-life would kill workers attempting to combat this terrible disease leaves me with a feeling of hatred impossible to contain.It makes me want to assemble the old squad and hunt them down one by one, inflicting terrible and irrevocable damage in the process, because redemption for this scum of the earth is only possible through painful death.

©Howard Gamble

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