The MIddle East, again, yawn towards the apocolyptic dawn.

Power politics seems to demand that the major powers in one way or another engage in local affairs. Thus Obama sifing with the rebels in Syria while Russia remains on the sideline as does Russia. An the war rages on.
IN contrast, NATO’s interference in the Libyan Affair is revealing all its flaws. A nation divided between North and south with no view to any solution¬† whatsoever besides renewed conflict. What to Libya is a bagatelle, Syria is a major dilemma, with the Palestinian groups now being drawn into the conflict and Jordan dithering with its largest Palestinian group in the world.

Obama is not nearly as dumb as he looks and sounds. His siding with the Rebels has caused chaos internally but does make sense, putting Russia and China on the line. The new Chinese head honcho will have much to deal with although Putin with his Macho posings seems pretty certain about what he is doing, supplying Iran with NUclear know-how. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is going for total control before turning all its forces south towards Israel.
So a major Middle East war draws closer and closer and as the Christmas season is the usual time for hostilities to commence, bring it on, but now the USA is committed which will give several nations pause for thought.

©Howard Gamble

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