The Massacre of the innocents

SEldom do world events move even the most harderned reporter to pain so deep that it becomes barely able to write about it, as now with the massacre of the innocents in Connecticaut in the USA, where a deranged 20 year old entered a school and shot mostly 20 six year old little girls, many several times.
Any teacher, father mother, anyone at all  knows that a little six year old girl reprsents such joy, innocence, love and open trust in the world that it is impossible to consider a society without their presence.20, gunned down, in one community must leave that community more deeply scarred than can be imagined.
First killing his mother and then breaking into the school with a rifle and hand guns,all registered to his mother before going on his killing spree.
And will the USA this time do something about its absurd weapons laws where one has a population armed to the teeth? I’ll wager not.

©Howard Gamble

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