The Muslim Resurgence

The Muslim resurgence, I will it not call it an antifada, continues apace Heroes of the Libyan uprisng are seeking aylum in thr West. But thewith the world at least awake least not our Americans cousins across the pond and their Israeli Allies strategically allies placed as the most powerful militarily force in the Mddle East and the World.
The Areabs are split as they always have been and pose no threat beyond their control of nuclear and chemical armaments. And this time Colin Powell would have been right. In a sense George W. Is being vindicated. He struck and he struck hard and the chaos he left behind him is a boon for the West.

detrent Nr.1

I have often claimed in my blog that the Americans lost the war in South Asia, but now have my doubts. If the object is containment and reducement, they have won,as Israel has in Gaza, and then they have have their patriot systems and Iron domes an the most most powerful airforces ans submarine forces in the world.
From threat to use is another matter, but mighty threat is an appeasing force, rather expencive though, but with the human Virus, and its propensity for war, that’s what you get.
©Howard Gamble

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