Insoluble problems

The heart-rending scenes unfolding in Gaza and Israel represent an insoluble problem. We all recall operation Cast Lead and those before it and the consequent ceasefires after the terrorist organisation Hamas sends thousands of rockets into Israel and will NEVER recognize the State of Israel. Those fanatics are definitely not men of the plough but rather of the suicide bomb and the torture chambers. Israel is paying a heavy price in handing the territory over to those thugs. They demonstrated their methodology when they threw the PLO off the buildings and slaughtered them in the back streets and alleys during that internecine war.


And now we have a repeat scenario. In the course of a a year Hamas has sent 10.000 rockets into Israel including the newer varieties that can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Israel is now responding as any recognized state would when faced with unbridled aggression. And where are thoe rockets coming from pray? Egypt of course. Hamas was an outspring of the Muslim Bortherhood. And then of course the press focus will inexorably focus on Israels retaliation. Perhaps the only solution will be for Israel to carry out its threat and reduce Gaza to a stone-age state without the possibility to threaten anyone for decades to come.

©Howard Gamble

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