Insoluble solutions?

WEll, Arik Sharon’s greatest mistake amidst all his magnificent leadership for Israel is proving to be a problem in need of a permanent solution.
No nation on earth would accept hundreds of missiles being fired daily into its territory and neither should Israel. “Cast Lead” The most recent ground response sent Hamas crawling into their holes, leaving the civilians to bear the brunt, but any future solution inexcapably leaves open the reoccupation of Gaza and the eviction of hamas as the only alternative.

Imagine this In Vestfold ona daily basis

On a recent trip to Israel I was shown the remnants of the rockets that litter the fields and the system of tunnels that make necessary an existence for peace-loving farmers, growing a paradise out of a desert.
The virulent anti-semite hatred of the Palestinians against the Jews will never cease, not in a thousand years, and from an historical point of view is unsustainable. The reocupation of Gaza is becoming an increasingly valid option in a area where few other options exist.
One now awaits the retaliatory Israeli strike for the killing of its civilians and one can but hope that the nations of the region find a rapid solution to the murderous actions of Hamas, outlawing them as terrorists of the worst kind, despite, or because of their philosophy.

©Howard Gamble

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