Will America ever Learn?

O Lordy Lord, the Pakistanis are releasing the captive Taliban Chiefs. What did I tell you all repeatedly!
The Taliban was created by the Pakistani ISI together with the CIA to counter the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. It worked. The Hinds were shot in scores from the skies by stinger missiles and Rusian Air dominance ceased.Rusia pulled out.

Damn, we Lost

Then the Americans invaded their erswhile friends the Talibani and kicked the shit out of them, but now, a decade later, with the Americans pulling out, the Pakistani ISI is releasing its buddy’s and the more Americans that Leave the more will be released.
The American fiasco in Afghanistan will thus be complete. They will have lost yet another war in a region where they ought to stay far away from. Brave men all, fought a magnificent war, but alas, lost.
©Howard Gamble

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