Can anything good come out of Syria?

Can anything good come out of Syria? It has long been known that the Assad government regularly tortures and murders captured rebels. Now it appears the rebels are doing quite the same.The latestb horrifying video release on the BBC shows just how low the the entire mess has sunk. One gang of thugs is simply attempting to replace another gang of thugs, using precisely the same methods. AT the very outset, when the demonstrations were peaceful and were violently suppressed, Assad named the opposition Gangs of thugs. Well he seeems to have been projecting the truth into the future, for now, what with assasinations og high standing officials, outright murder of captured soldiers, indiscriminate bombing and shelling of civilian areas, there is no light to be seen at the end of that particular tunnel. And as more and more radical Muslims join the fray the prospects for solutions become zero. The West is not going to repeat the Libyan mistake, nor the Afhganistan mistake by supplying the rebels with anti-aircraft munitions which is precisely what they will need to win this one, just as with the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan so, long, long ago in Rambo times.

©Howard Gamble

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