A New Form of Folk Migration

I must confess to getting entirely sidetracked for a while by Professor Castells lecture at the Londo school of Economics a few days ago. The ideas have simply not let go Рto simplfy it all, the rich are finding no satisfaction with their riches, there being only so many pates before they pale, and are turning more and more to creating foundations to assist those in need of asisstance, while those is\n need of assistance have entirely losy faith in GOvernment ever being to help them and are on the rampoage to help themselves. IT stunned me to know that 30% of the city of Barcelona lent money without interest to non-members of the family during the really hard time. IT reminds me of my son,who lives in a perpetual hard time, but is rich in friendship, all of whom have a unique internal finacial system going where those in need are provided for. They have a micro-ecomomic self-support system that they have developed together as they have grown up. I wouold not taint their system with the word communism, but that is what it is. They despise the wealthy in this country who have inherited amassed fortunes and would not lend a penny to a pauper. They look upon politicians withj despair.Now in Norway I would not entirely write off the political system, as it has its roots back to the 13th century and further, with the central idea that the nation is one folk responsible to and for each other. The rich WILL support the poor, in the system. Had my son lived in Spain or Greece or France or England with their corrupted political systems he would be on the barricades with a petrol bomb in hand.
But anyway, Castells is again the prophet. The system has lost its support and the people are taking the reigns increasingly into their own hands. Mini-Anarchy?
©Howard Gamble

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