Blocked Ballot Boxes in the States, skullduggery back in force

Did you know that 68 million Americans are not registered to vote? 68.000.000. Not only that but the battle between the parties is to make it impossible for them to vote come election day or ease their way, depending on who they are. The demographics tell us that the 50 million without work represent a huge proportion of these voters and that the majority of them are impoverished Blacks and youth who otherwise would be solidly behind Obama no matter what. But a large proportion would also be Romney conservatives.

BLocked Ballots

It is astonishing for a Norwegian like me to observe the inability of the USA to regulate its voting practices. As a contrast, in Norway one is a registered voter at birth and not a single obstacle is placed in ones way when it comes to casting ones vote. Irregularities barely exist. Why is it not possible for the most powerful nation on earth to do the same. Easy as pie one would think, but vested interests, fraud by the authorities (Remember Bushes’ brother, the then Governor of California? When an antiquated punch-card system annulled millions of votes) and an almost total neglect of the down-and-out that has led to total apathy on their side leaves an astonishing block of voters out of the mainstream. This practice is nothing short of criminal. Little wonder that politics in the United States is dependent on vast amounts of advertising revenue to get people to vote, with only the intellectual,intelligensia knowing what is going on. This time round, in several States, severe restrictions are being put in place to “Fight Fraud” the problem being that the millions thus denied their right to vote vastly outnumber those bent on fraud. The Federal system is to blame. The United States is not really United. It is a conglomeration of States with different laws serving the interest of that state and to hell with the whole. Perhaps that’s why politicians are endless calling down God’s blessing on America, because it is almost entirely absent.
Just imagine how different a place the world would be had Al Gore defeated Bush way back then, but for criminal activities in California where Bush’s brother was a central actor.¬†Gore won the majority vote but lost the election. That problem did not exist after 8 years of George W rule, but it certainly does this time round where the result is simply too close to call. The claws are out and no punches are being pulled, despite the bonhomie displayed by both the contenders. This may well turn into a cliffhanger with the result decided in the courts, the very worst place for an election result to be decided. Politics in the USA is war, generated by money and the buddy-buddy system. To imagine otherwise would be naive. John F. Kennedy owed so many so much that it may be well for his heritage that he was assasinated so early in his Presidency. Had he lived, he would have been bound hand and tooth by IOU’s. It’s more fluid and less obvious these days, but there nevertheless. Right now Obama can withdraw from politics and act Preidential, pulling in the kudos, while Romney is left dangling.

©Howard Gamble

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