Where is it going to End?

Where is it going to end? Now a referee has been charged with using abusive racist language to a player.The linesmen? I am vaguely reminded for some unknown reason or other of George Orwell and his book 1984. A date long gone but forever present.
Perhaps they ought, like the Soviets and the Americans during the cold war, and now for that matter, install secret microphones in the goalposts, the VIP room, the linemens flags the dressing rooms, the corridors, in the players shirts, their homes, their cars, their private airplanes, their mistresses knickers and what else? Ah yes. Only Black referees allowed from now on. Can’t remember seeing a single one of them, clear racist policy. Mandatory jail sentences as well and six strokes of the lash to round it all off. That will turn all footballers into smiling angels, on an off the pitch.
There must be some way to monitor their thoughts as well, but that technology is just around the corner.

The Rugger players are laughing their heads off through the foam of their beers.

©Howard Gamble

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