Will you shake my Hand?

Would you shake my hand after all the nasty things I have done as an Apartheid soldier? I am a new man and have buried all that crap permanently and espoused the black cause, not matter how silly. Some of my closest mates in the Special Forces were Blacks, but deep down inside I am still a bloody racist. We all are. So will you shake my hand? Will you? Let’s put it another way. Will I shake your bloody hand, you self-rightious Black or coloured or whatever hue except white? Man you guys are on a self-rightious roll right now with everyone bowing and scraping and the whole pile of shit scared of losing it for a minute after heavy clashes and calling you all those N words to piss you off. Not because they are racists, but just to piss you off, and that’s by far the best way of doing it. Getting deep down into that racial core and stirring up the shit their. No better way to get you unbalanced.¬†You of course are as pure as a fucking whistle. Racial issues never cross your mind. You do not flock together and hang around with white guys all the time in your spare time now don’t you just? You never ever use the W word now do you? In the world of cricket personal insults of an unbelieveable nature involving wives and what-not have been standard for ages. Not a murmer of complaint. Rather repartee even worse. In the Rugby Scrum? Stuff to make hardened convicts blush. But amongst the twiddletoes of soccer, the divers, hues and outcries and offended dignities. Enough to make one puke.
It’s about bloody time that the football association grabbed itself by the short and curlies and started acting like grown experienced men. The racism that plagues football is now in the stands and on the streets. The teams are such a mixture of racially integrated close friends working towards a common cause that to imply racism in the dressing rooms is ludicrous. John Terry is not a racist. He’s an idiot. The football association should issue bans and fines for idiocy, not racism. They themselves are bloody racists, just ask their wives. Suarez is simply confused. He should really be classified along with the N people. Giving him an 8 game ban is something he is going to tell his grandchildren from the time when the English football association were a bunch of pussies, as bad as their foreign office licking the boots of the Americans. Black is beautiful my brothers. It’s the white trash that’s the problem. But don’t dare say it out load. That’s racist talk.

©Howard Gamble

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