The American Elections III

The fever that dominated the last Presidential Election in the States could be felt in the cobblestones. Barack Obama was on the biggest roll one has seen in many a year. George W. Bush had pissed the nation off to an extent that not even a wonderful man like John McCain, Vietnam prisoner for six years and true patriot, opponent of torture and with a policy in place based on years of deep experience, stood a snowballs chance in hell against the upstart from Chicago, with nothing to show except a charisma and a voice. THis time its all difffent. The Obama years have not produced the hope and the change which were the foundations upon which his administration rested. He did not clean up GUantanamo nor the CIA, he kept from the public photographs that he has promised to reveal. He very quickly came under the spell of the MIlitary Chiefs of Staff who convinced him that a serious war was in progress when it was not. IT was a mini war, easy to get out of, but the political implications of having to show that one was in a battle for ones very existence was an easy one for the American electorate to swallow. NOt this time round. The hope has evaporated with a jobless rate as high as ever and an economic policy in serious need of rethinking. There has been no change and a minimal return to the workforce because the entire Keynsesian startegy is wrong. The culprits have been saved at the expence of the victims.Useless banks sit on piles of governmet granted loot when they ought o have been relegated to the graveyard of economic failure. MIllions of people who had jobs and homes no longer have either. These people are not going to vote for Obama. He has the military, or at least most of it in his pocket, and the black vote almost in its entirety, but beyond that, fragmentation. Romney with his clear record and his smooth message is captivating. He is hardly putting a foot wrong and one suspects that it will take a California miscount and other skulduggery to deny him the throne. BUt it is close and every trick in the book is being used. Early voting, up to a third of the electorate, unprecedented and a massive focus on key states where Romney seems to have the edge. A few days to go and he is in the lead if we are to believe the polls. Exiting stuff if it really made a difference, but it does not. Obama or Romney as Commander in Chief makes little diference. The behemoth of the American economy is a monster. Unless the swing returns to production back home with the consequent more expensive itemry for the populace, the ailment will grow worse until the sneakers are so cheap that one can change them every week, but the sweat shops of China will dominate American politics and their reluctance to pay taxes for a long time to come. Until the Americans learn that taxes coupled to home industry is the formula for success, with the rich bearing the brunt, they are doomed.

©Howard Gamble

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