Doping in Sport

WEll we have now been told by the chief honchos in cycling that Lance Armstrongs titles will not be re-allocated. Wise decision, when one considers that everyone in cycling is doped up one way or another and will continue to be so. The most demanding sport on the face of the planet is such that if one does not dope oneself one has little chance of getting half-way up the alps. The feat of completing the race is inhuman. Fot me, Lance Armstrong will shine forever as the greatest cyclists ever. He added inspiration to my life for seven full years and God bless him and his future endeavours. Coming back the way he did from testicle cancer, just like my son. So for all the jealous competitors who too were doped up to the gills and all the administrators who are trying to disguise the fact that cycling on that level IS doping, up you collective yours.
Lance Armstrong is my man and holds his place in my gallery of heroes, almost all the way up there with The Astronauts and the great swimmers who got where they were on marijuana.
If one wants sport to be clean, take away all the money as in days of old and have all the athletes hold down ordinary jobs.

©Howard Gamble

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